So, what do y’all do again?

Well, we design and develop websites. That means we work with you to identify your audience and goals, and establish a look and feel for the site. Then we create some working examples in HTML and CSS so you can experience the presentation of your site in its native habitat, a web browser. That’s the scope of web design.

Web development involves writing the code that will do the real legwork for interactive features. Those may include handling user login, contributed content, ecommerce, or integrating with social media and third-party apps such as MailChimp or SurveyGizmo.

We can provide hosting for your website, too. And if you’re rebranding your organization along with your new website, we can also provide design services for new business cards, letterhead, and other print materials to match.

How much will it cost?

We like to answer that on a per-project basis. There are many variables that affect a site’s complexity and the amount of work involved in its creation. The short answer is that we estimate and invoice based on the time it takes to design, develop, and test a site. Once we determine the scope of your project, we provide an estimate and a timeline and go from there.

What is a bootjack, anyway?

Glad you asked! A bootjack is the thing you use to take your muddy boots off without getting your hands dirty. It’s basically a plank with a notch in one end where you put the heel of your boot and pry it off.

The bootjack is a shining example of a simple tool that does exactly what you need it to do. It’s efficient and highly functional. And that’s exactly what we think a website should be. We make websites that are tailored, efficient, simple, and elegant. We don’t like throwing extra features in just because they’re cool, unless they also add value for you or your visitors.